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Foreclosure Prevention / Modification Expert

Have you been taken advantage of or just need more knowledge to help you with your financial situation involving your home? Is your lender always requesting the same paperwork? Are you current on your mortgage but are having a hard time making your ends meet? Whatever the reason I can assist you.

Home Purchase / Investment Property Consultation

Our spreadsheet and instruction will allow you to really understand the amount of home you can comfortably purchase. We will put together a packet for you in writing that based on your present situation can give you a true point of reference to your first home or investment property.

Coaching, Credit Repair, Budgeting, Debt Freedom,

We cover the strategy needed to increase your credit score, control your personal or business income as well as put you on a path to becoming debt free. The workbook, spreadsheet and counseling are tailored to your lifestyle. How long are you willing to commit to becoming a better you?


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I Love Social Media…..BUT

BIG Day Friends, This is by far the best information I have shared with you this year to increase your income. I will start with saying I love Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest and all of the other social media sites out there. I really love the fact that they are FREE.   Click The

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What does not take time?

Plan & Plant

You learn a lot when you work with people day in and day out. You come across almost every type of person that has been categorized by modern science. Most people say their are two kinds of people leaving out for every type of situation the world allows you to experience. I only want to

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I’m looking for someone.

I am looking for someone who understands the word “commitment”. This person is looking to increase their finances in 2015. This person is looking to become debt free. This person is looking to start or enhance a business revolving around what they are passionate about. This person is looking to someday own investment property or

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Are You At War With Your Finances?

I Will Fight For You!

Did you know that you were at war? This war is a constant battle to free yourself from an existence that is not fulfilling. This war has been waged on you in your mind since you could almost remember. This war involves lack of finances, lack of a decent place to live, lack of the

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I’m not an expert? I just happen to make sense…

I wonder sometimes about our true purpose in life. Some of us are living the life we imagined while others are struggling with normal day to day activities. We all know people who we consider to be very smart, well mannered, and would not harm a fly not living up to their potential. Why is

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100 in 2015

100 in 2015

Earn While Learn!! · · is offering a triple your money back guarantee if it cannot assist you in earning $30,000.00 between              Jan 1st 2015 – Dec 31st 2015. 100 in 2015 We will only be working with 100 individuals through web coaching, printed materials, recorded training and live events for 365 days. Fill

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