Laws of Success – 16 Lessons:


The 16 lessons from the law of success and how I have implemented them into my life.


The Master Mind.  – Blake Investment “Group” (In Your Name.)



Definite Chief Aim – Billionaire Business Owner



Self-Confidence – Experience & Purposeful Speaker



Habit of Saving – 15% of Income Stored For Opportunities

Initiative & Leadership – Do First, Then Empower Others

Imagination – To Pull Out From Others Their Vision & Purpose

Enthusiasm – Speak With Passion Magically

Self-Control – Patience In Disruption

Habit of Doing More Than Paid For – Opportunities Appear

Pleasing Personality – Approachability Creates Trust

Accurate Thinking – Solves Challenges Quickly

Concentration – Awakens Options

Cooperation – Creates Group Success Speeding Processes

Profiting by Failure – Capitalizing On Lessons Learned

Tolerance – Understanding Opinions Matter

 Practicing Golden Rule – Do For Them Better Than They Would Do For You.


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The Law of Success was a precursor to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. The Law of Success is organized into sixteen original principles, or lessons. All of them are listed below:

1: The Master Mind- Telepathy, ether, vibration, and how it all is the basis for how the world functions. A master mind is the alliance of two minds joining in a harmonious way. The power that is formed from two or more minds coming together is more powerful than one alone. This is strictly for minds who trust each other and are interested in the good success of all parties involved.