3 Sacrifices Needed To Happen For Growth

I have never met anyone that did not want a better life…I have met many who wont sacrifice to get one…

Everyday you awake, you have a choice to determine what you want to learn. often do you think about that, determining what you want to learn. Success is not something that you just pray about. You have to take definite steps toward that what you dream of. Listen closely now…..It will come at a price.

That price is called SACRIFICE.

Three things that you have to consider sacrificing are some of the things we all have in common. You also have to determine what in your personal life may also hinder your definition of success.

  1. Tv & Radio: In some cases this takes up most of the time you use to relax. What if you limited what you watch and listen to by choosing a block of that time to watch or listen to things that will teach you more about your dream. How many hours a week do you watch “PROGRAMMING” that teaches you nothing that will add capital to your life.
  2. Social Media: What are you looking at and sharing? If your social media feed is filled with what most would consider nonsense what are you learning. There is a wealth of information on every social site that can address some of the challenges you may have moving into your next level.
  3. Family & Friends: Cant live with them and cant live without them. However you can shut off your phone for at least an hour to study or create uninterrupted. You can also choose new friends doing what you are passionate about attaining.
  4. BONUS: When you have sacrificed enough a mentor / sponsor will appear to make things easier for you.

You can be what you imagine as long as you understand that life is like the seasons…What are you sowing? You will reap your harvest in a season. A SEASON! Yeah, and some seasons are longer than others but you will reap what you sow.

I am not an expert…I just happen to make sense..

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