Do you have A BETTER Plan?

Being intentional in your growth requires A BETTER Plan! A plan that makes YOU Better.

So many times as a G.U.I.D.E. I find that my clients all have one particular thing that stands out; they are hungry for the knowledge needed to grow their idea! I love listening to their goals and assisting them with breaking it down into bite-size actions that they can initiate that moment toward their imagined destination.

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Every route is different, though the road traveled may be similar to a competitor or potential ally it will end at your unique arrival point. So with that said let’s prepare you for that trip with steps to take.

  • The first step you want to do is be clear about your destination. (Written Goal)
  • The second is to gather the information needed to proceed. (Strategy)
  • The third step is to take the initial actions needed now. (Begin)
  • The fourth step is continually evolving yourself. (Educate)

That fourth step is by far the most critical step in the process because it will allow you to grow along the way and give you the experience needed when a similar challenge presents a roadblock. Some will say this is the first step but regardless of the order, it is still of prime importance.

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We all have some sort of goal BIG or small we knowingly or unknowingly strive for each day. Just make sure that you have A BETTER PLAN because although you still will reach your goals, it is much better to be wiser from the intentional education received daily.


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