Ken BIG Blake – NMLS 1558424

What I Do


As a G.U.I.D.E. My job is to listen, analyze and assist you with developing a plan that will streamline your success. I am sure that after a short conversation I or members of my team can solve your challenge as well as put a program in place that lessens the blow of future setbacks.

How I Got Started

I am a strong believer indo unto others what you would have done unto you.”

However, I had come to realize that many in the industries of business, real estate, and marketing were more after quick income and had sloppy if not outright illegal work practices. After being taken advantage of in the early 90’s I realized that in order to prevent others from receiving similar experiences my mission would be to learn all I could in business, real estate, and marketing.

I aligned myself with other entrepreneurs and professionals that were respected and known for their integrity and wisdom in the marketplace. The company I represent has a primary goal of providing the best value, education, and training necessary for you to rest well and share our model with those you care about.

History Of Experience

My passion led me to have over 20 years in the realty, mortgage, and small business industries. Through workshops across the country, I have spoken and taught tens of thousands of future homeowners, investors, and small business owners, in strategies to increase their growth.

I have personally assisted over 5,000 small business owners in budgeting, credit access, profit and loss training, branding, marketing, goal setting, and strategies to increase their cash flow.

I have worked with individual investors increasing their liquid cash to six figures within 11 months. I have helped at least 200 homeowners save their home from foreclosure through multiple banks and investors modification processes. I have assisted many first time buyers with home purchases receiving cash back at closings.

Speaking at local grammar and high schools my focus is on instilling purpose, vision, integrity, service and the power they possess to mold their futures against any challenges.

Ideal Client

I work best with lifelong learners, budding entrepreneurs developing their brand or in need of functional websites. Homeowners in need of mortgage relief, small businesses and non-profits looking to grow revenue, rebrand, create corporate goals or eliminate wasteful systems.

I work with realty investors looking to put their money to work, individuals needing assistance in unlocking their passions and families in need of controlling their budgets.

Are “YOU” Ready To thinkBIG?

I’m Interested In Your Vision!

Schedule a quick 15-minute call so we can see what works best in solving any challenges you face.

I have been known for my humor and making complex subjects understandable in relation to my audiences learned expertise.

Three Resources Created For Your S.U.C.C.E.S.S.


Empowering Those Choosing To Listen


Building Your Foundation Of Wealth


Seven Experts One Day Seven Posts

Not one will be able to document what you have truly learned, yet documentation will provide others with glimpses of your experience...

I'm Interested In Your Vision!

Schedule a quick 15-minute call so we can see what works best on solving any challenges you face.