Dont Fall Victim To The CON

Don’t Fall Victim To The C.O.N. You know what I found out? I found out that we are not as great as we could be because those before us figured out what O.U.R. best way in this world should be. Now I am not saying that they are totally wrong or they did not have O.U.R. […]

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Do you have A BETTER Plan? Being intentional in your growth requires A BETTER Plan! A plan that makes YOU Better. So many times as a G.U.I.D.E. I find that my clients all have one particular thing that stands out; they are hungry for the knowledge needed to grow their idea! I love listening to their […]

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The T3 Approach Creates Leadership Organizations.

Assisting entrepreneurial startups can be a rewarding feeling when the founder(s) implement our 3T approach to their business models. To put it simply we enable them to Think Things Through.   They are known as individuals of deep thought even when every distraction available is in their presence. You call their name and they must […]

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6 things to think about before investing money into a new business

Assisting new and established business owners you will inevitably learn new concepts in searching for solutions to increase visibility and profitability. When I work with clients I use several of my personal systems uniquely tailored to their vision and industry.   The very first exercise used is to get them to THINK A L.I.L. B.I.T. […]

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