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Bankable Business Building Brunch.

Mission Statement

Conveying Your Business Purpose

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How Your Purpose Is Incorporated

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Letting The World Know Your Intent

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Bankable Business Building Brunch

Whether you are an established entrepreneur, brand new or wanting to get started this business building brunch is for you. We will cover some simple basics as well as answer those questions that you need to be 100% on.


Joining like-minded entrepreneurs for a focused discussion and light brunch is the perfect way to get your ideas sparked into actionable goals.

As always we look forward to having a good time and learning from another. Bring a friend and be prepared to have some AHA moments. Register quickly because seating is limited and they go fast. and scroll down to Events.. BECOME A GUEST
(This is an ongoing event so check anytime)



Establishing Your Mission Statement – 30 minutes
Communicating Your Services Offered – 30 minutes
Your Website & Social Branding – 30 minutes
Recruiting Your Strategic Team Members – 30 Minutes
Q&A Session & Brunch – 60 minutes


Ken BIG Blake – I am not an expert, I just happen to make sense… Your Empowerment G.U.I.D.E

Plan Of Strategy Tablet

Have You Taken The Time To Think Things Through

Write It Down

Some people talk more than others. That may be a good thing depending on the listener. However, when it comes to your personal or business goals there is a reason why every accomplished person says write it down. We Help You With That.

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