Build With BIG

I Solve Property Problems

New investors want more than just a book to download or video to watch!

Do You Want To Get Your Feet Wet Making Money From My Experience?

I will teach you everything I know as well as have you meet with homeowners to get a feel of the process from the massive leads multiple sites bring me on a weekly basis.

What Will You Have To Do?

You will be the initial contact upon scheduled or impromptu appointment(s) with the homeowner.

Responsible for assessing the property, taking pictures, completing the *home analysis, and *inspection sheet.

Submit *provided documents within 24 to 36 hrs of appointment.

Listen in on the way I present and submit offers to homeowners in-house or via zoom.

Learn 2 of the several other options used to market properties that you won’t find online.

Work with me on 3 deals that we will split 75 / 25 to gain you a bit of experience, money, and courage to do it on your own.

That’s The Simple Part.

The hardest part is taking action.

And YES!

You will get training on the provided docs and all docs used to finalize a deal.

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