Can You Show Me Your Body Of Work?

Can You Show Me Your Body Of Work?

I  B.O.W. with my applause!

Interviewing people on thinkBIGradio I have met many experts and people becoming masters in their fields of concentration. In the 10 years this hobby of understanding the minds behind business and entrepreneurship I have seen newbies excel at their goals and those more established taper out or fade away.
One of the things I noticed about those who keep pushing forward and never seem to sit idle are the quality of goals they set and their Body Of Work.
They are always creating, sharing and assisting others. (Pricing Varies 😊)
This Body Of Work sets them apart in ways from other experts. It allows people to catch glimpses into what may be that secret way to success. That fountain of wealth that awaits those who follow the correct road-map. Whatever you may call it one thing is for sure…You applaud them, we applaud them.

If you are looking to become relevant, an influencer, expert or master in your field it is most important for you to begin working on your B.O.W.
Compiling the things you have created that assists others in attaining THEIR GOALS.
Things you have given or made available for a price all make up those steps you took or are taking to reach YOUR GOALS.
Three things to consider when working on your Body Of Work.
B — Benevolent: Well Meaning, Kindly, Helpful
O – Optimistic: Confident, Hopeful
W – Wealth: Assists in satisfying 1 of the 3 categories of wealth. Spiritual, Relationships, Finances.
So with that said…You may have some work to do.
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