So…Entrepreneurship is just not for you. Is learning and taking action upon the skills needed to have a comfortable life something that interests you! Our core entrepreneurial program offers just that. Cool thing is that portion is FREE! Join a Challenge Now!!

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ThinkBIGacademics curriculum is geared toward the entrepreneur looking to take their idea from conception to profitability.

Many wanted friends and associates that were not inclined to entrepreneurship to have a means to move forward in their personal goals.

It was simple to take key parts from our training to tailor them towards those just looking to have a better life and fun doing it.

The Challenges start twice a year and last for 6 months. Click on the pics below to find out more info and register for the FREE challenges.

Scheduling An Appointment will answer questions to determine if you would like to go forward. The introduction will also provide access to the materials before the start date.


thinkBIGacademics Challenges Info

Ambition is the first steps towards success.

Interviewing many men, all ages and backgrounds led us to create a system geared toward the empowerment of men looking to build legacies within their family. Our philosophy  provides time tested principles combined with the most current information available to assist you with attaining, maintaining, increasing and saving the assets you work for.

Are you ready to challenge yourself in the art of financial solvency?

A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.

Women have found themselves raising a family alone now more than anytime in history. They are concerned about how their children will survive and maintain in a future with many changes in the economy. Our challenge provides a solid foundation, teachable, simple to execute and with the flexibility to maintain course during those times.

Are you ready to challenge your finances to work for a sounder future?

When two or more gather and are of the same accord, what can stop them!

You are looking to become your definition of a Power Couple. Their are many ways to become that and one thing is for sure, You have to have a plan, save and together agree to empire build. We know that you both are competitive and like to have a good time. The couple cash challenge is just what you were looking for to get onto that path amplifying your potential.

Are you ready to show, grow and claim your empire?

thinkBIGacademics Challenges Info

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