Buying Or Fixing Using Grant Programs All States

One thing that set thinkBIGrealty firm apart from other real estate agencies is that we truly care for our sellers and purchasers. We turned away many people that wanted to buy out of their budget even if it meant thousands more in commissions.

A few of those people returned to be assisted with modifications after they found themselves behind on their mortgage within two years time. The agents and financial firms had made their money and abandoned them unless they could squeeze more with this new dilemma.

We never listed a home that had so many problems it would harm our reputation and vision of doing things the right way. We made sure homeowners could save getting their homes “list ready”.

This blog and the accompanying manual were created for new home buyers to save and existing homeowners to save on repairs within the 50 United States.

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There are some things you should know about government funding for a new home:

• The federal government does not give housing grants directly to individuals. The funds are given to states and certain municipalities, who in turn, distribute the funds to residents.

• No grant will cover 100% of the cost of a house.

• The government will not give a grant to anyone who cannot use it toward a mortgage; therefore, qualification for a mortgage is necessary.

• Any program the federal government has to assist first-time buyers in a home purchase will require that you attend a HUD approved Housing Counseling class.

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