Your Empowerment Buddy

Thanking you all for your major support!

We were able to accomplish a lot of good things over the course of the last 6 weeks (Oct 2 – Nov 6th) in regards to financial literacy. It is always great to know that people benefited from what was shared dealing with your definition of success and budgeting for a purpose.

Thanks to all of you for tuning in, emailing me and requesting more info!

The last three sessions this November I will share involves credit wellness and maximizing your score for assets.

I will also bring on three to four guests the month of December to share with you their expertise in the subjects covered.

If you miss the live episodes you can always listen to the archived versions from the link below. M.U.S.T.  L.I.S.T.E.N.  T.O.  G.E.T.



If you live in Charlotte NC you will be the first to join us for a meetup at various locations for weekend fun and games involving the subjects that make you successful.

Register Early! (

and as for the rest of you outside of the Charlotte Area….Look for the roll out in your cities starting January 2018!

Sip Play Learn!


Share & Be Shared:

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