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I’m Short On Time! Quickly Show Me What You Can Do kenBIGblake.

Realty, Business, Branding Specialties

  • Realty Consultant

    Yes, I've flipped properties, assisted investors, and first time home owners through the purchase process.

    If you are facing foreclosure, I may be able to assist you with a modification.

    Lets Talk R.E.A.L.T.Y.
  • Your Business Also Needs A BluePrint

    Should the foundation of a structure be strong or just okay?

    Lets take a quick look to see if you are missing anything key to your growth and longevity.

    Call Me
  • Brand Development

    Where can I find you online?

    Is your website and social network branding in alignment?

    Whats Your Mission Or Purpose Statement?

    Tell Me About Your Brand.
  • Cash Buyer Network

    Are You Facing Property Challenges? We Buy All Property Types Cash! Let's Have A Discussion About Your Needs.

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Ephesians 4:2

“Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.”

What I Do

I am in the business of streamlining your mission to accomplish your goals. I help you save time, money, and point out ways your business can earn more revenue with fewer systems.

Why Choose BIG?


Make The Most Of Our Time.

I know that we may have to take our time in order for you to understand. Everything has a learning curve and my job is to make sure you get it.


Listening To Understand

By listening to your goals, we become clear and can agree on the best route. Lets get you the results you need one milestone at a time.


No Man Is An Island

Experience and being a lifelong learner your greatest insight in business is knowing that you cant do everything alone.

The Process I Use To G.U.I.D.E. You Is Very Simple

1. Schedule quick 15 minute phone call
2. Meet up to tailor action plan that meets your goals
3. Set up followup program to insure success.

Realty Investor

With over 20 years in real estate you will learn a thing or two. So tell me your R.E.A.L.T.Y. goals. Are you investing, purchasing or selling?

Business Building

The basic building blocks of a company begin with incorporation or some form of ownership. What are your goals?

Brand Development

How long are you thinking out? Are you preparing for a firm that has brand recognition? Lets get you on target early.

Web Development

Earn money from your website or use for general info. Whatever your choice you will need one. Lets explore your vision.

Online Courses

You may not have the time to drive to a classroom after a long day. Can you commit to an hour a week online or phone?

T3 32 Methodology

What is the best way to solve challenges in your personal or business lives? Think Things Through! What Can T3 32 Do For You?

I’m Short On Time! Quickly Show Me What You Can Do kenBIGblake.

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